GraphQL plugin for Neo4j 4.x

I am looking for a version of the GraphQL plugin that works with the latest database 4.0.4. Using desktop I see the plugin but it is grayed out which I assume means not available yet. Is there an ETA

It looks like there might not be a release for 4.0.

It is labeled with "The plugin is considered end-of-life."
Reference, and more information here

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Thanks for pointing that out, I totally missed that notice when I checked. This is indeed sad as it was easy to get graphql queries up and running without the need for any middleware and also worked well with other languages like Python.
The message looks clear, hopefully they will reconsider. I will take a look at neo4j-graphql-java as an alternative.

Looks like neo4j-graphql-java has not been released for 4.0 yet either. Might need to stay on 3.5 until the tools catch up.

Neo4j-graphql-java is version independent. It will have a new release soon.

And then Ill provide a minimal example using It for the plugin.

In general we encourage people to move more to a middleware base approach.

Can you try the experimental endpoint of the 3.5 plugin if that works with your queries.

Michael thanks for the update and longer term the middleware base approach is probably better. It will be great to have an example of neo4j-graphql-java as a plugin. I am using the 3.5 plugin win 3.5 neo4j now and that is working.

Is there a way to downgrade my neo4j version to 3.5? I recently started using neo4j and realised that the GraphQL plugin has been greyed out for me as well.