Graphql install Button greyed out

I've usually developed and played on my mac but I decided to run neo4j desktop on my windows pc. For the life of me I can't recollect if I had to downoad the plugin for graphql manually. Even when I re download it on the mac, the install button is there and works..

Can anyone advise?

Can I suggest you click Manage, then Plugins on the Neo4j database you wish to add GraphQL to.
Then install it from there. If you have multiple versions of Neo4j for single project, then sometimes it can't determine which version to download.
What version of Neo4j are you trying to install GraphQL on?

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Desktop version 1.2.1

Going to manage plugins didn't work as you can see by the screenshots... I could try and delete app from pc and restart reinstall and see if its there. but curious to know if this behavior is just because I'm making a mistake somewhere..

Hi @biYTccKCiu -

I updated the list of Neo4j versions that are supported by the GraphQL plugin. Could you try refreshing Neo4j Desktop and trying to install the GraphQL plugin again?

I am having a similar do I install the plugin?

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