Cannot install Graph Algorithm plugin


I am new to Neo4j and I use Desktop 1.2.7 on Mac. I am trying to install the graph algorithm plugin but there is no option for that. The offline mode is unchecked. And the APOC plugin is available. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thanks!

Hi @AbbyG,

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It is coming in the list because Graph algorithm for Neo4j 4.* is not yet released.

Thanks @intouch_vivek! Is there a way to install older versions of Neo4j so that the plugins can be installed? I couldn't find options to choose the version of the software.

You can install older version of Neo4j

And there you will have option to install Graph Algo

Thanks @intouch_vivek, that's very helpful!!!

Hi, did you solve the problem?
Wich version did you use?

Hello @SalvatoreAntoninoGri,

As you can see GDS replaced Graph Algorithms: