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Resolved! How to make load csv go faster?

Greetings, I have the following load csv cypher wrapped inside the apoc.periodic.iterate. I tried to increase the batch size and I am getting locking errors. It is loading at very slow pace. What is a way to increase the loading speed and not get dea...

skmami by Node Clone
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merge multiple node with neo4j-driver in js

hello im trying to get variables of an array and create node for them so i have a foreachwords.forEach((res, index) => {to get all of the items and then run this query session.run(`MERGE (n:words{name:'${res}'})`) }but i get this error Queries cannot...

Can I use Neo4j Bloom in a web based application?

I want to know whether there is a way to call some API from Bloom in a web based api. For example, I have a search box on my graph application site and after users type a term in the search box, it searches the graph, return the results, nodes, prope...

lingvisa by Graph Fellow
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Getting a subgraph from a big graph

Hi folks,I am attempting to get a subgraph and graph data(as '.txt 'or other formats) from a big graphApproach 1: Randomly sample all nodes types from the large graph   MATCH (source: Node)-[r*..]-(target: Node) WHERE source.name<>target.name WITH so...

wumirose by Node Clone
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APOC - apoc.load.xml

Hello guys,  I have an issue and could need some help, because its a bit frustrating.  I wanted to use the apoc.load.xml to import some data and create also Nodes and Properties with them. I've tried this one and it worked well:  The Graph-Part shou...

code3.png nodes.png code2.png hierarchie.png

Resolved! Doubt in architecture of my database

Good morning,I am creating an application in which I will have several nodes connected to a main node: to which I want to put a label: Language. This language type node will have a field [ name: English ] and it can be activated or deactivated in the...

dairon by Node
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Sandbox connection details not working

Hi.  I'm trying to do the exercise (importing data via CSV into Data Importer) in course  Importing CSV Data into Neo4j but the credentials are not working.  I need the credentials to work so I can complete the course, specifically run the Neo4j impo...

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