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Full Name not added in Certification

Dear Neo4j Certification team,I hope this is the right discussion thread to be posting this in, but i was wondering if my full name "Ryan Nazareth" could be included in my certification which i recently achieved https://graphacademy.neo4j.com/u/554ba...

Connect neo4j desktop with python

I am running Neo4j Desktop (version 1.4.15)  on Windows 11.  I also have Anaconda installed on the same machine. I have performed "pip install graphdatascience" in Anaconda. When I run the following code from the Jupyter notebook: HOST = 'bolt://loca...

learner by Node Link
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Virtual graphs for analysis

I am using virtual graphs to restructure part of a graph database. It would be very helpful to run analyses on virtual graphs. This way I only need to update one physical version of the database. However, all the tutorials I can find on virtual graph...

April by Node
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Correct answer not accepted in Snadbox

Hello, I'm currently enrolled in the Graph Data Modelling Fundamental course and I am having an issue with certain queries If I write  MATCH (u:User)-[:RATED]-(m:Movie)WHERE m.title="Apollo 13"RETURN count(*) AS "Number of reviewers") I get an error ...

import problems in neo4j

Good evening, I'm new to the comunity, I would like to import the diagram below into neo4j there is an easy way, i tried apoc and etl but i am stuck to relations (apoc) and etl only imports two tables (regions and provinces). there is an automated w...


An error when first run of neo4j desktop

I've just downloaded and installed Neo4j-desktop `neo4j-desktop-1.4.15-x86_64.AppImage`. on a Ubuntu 22.04 machine.I just launched the installation and the product display the start page. I inserted the license.But when I try to create a new database...

Neo4j Performance issue

Hi All, I'm using Neo4j Causal Cluster which consists of 3 x ( 64 GiB of memory, 8 vCPUs ) servers that are hosted in AWS EC2. Details of the cluster:Neo4j Version: Neo4j Enterprise 4.3.6 We are currently experiencing an intermittent slowness in our ...

Neo4j community vulnerability

The latest neo4j 4.4.11-community image has 2 High vulnerability CVE-2022-25857 CVE-2022-40149   Snakeyaml v1.26 --> fix version : 1.31 /var/lib/neo4j/labs/apoc-   Jettison v1.4.1 --> fix version: 1.5.1 /var/lib/neo4j/lib/jettison-1.4...

brijesh by Visitor
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GDS 2.1.12 Don't filter Nodes When Runs an Algorithm

I've been using gds for native graph projection with directive ['*']  for nodeProjection parameter, the name of graph projected is  "compranet" the labels are "UC:Sospechoso","Contrato", "Provedor"  1) the result of projection was  "nodes: {_ALL _ 2)...

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