Neo4j-graphql library in other languages

(Ainsausti) #1


are there any plans to develop this libary, neo4j-graphql, in other languages like python?

If so, do you know the ETA?

Thanks in advance.

(Mark Needham) #2

I think we're mostly focusing on Javascript for now...but for Python you could always try out the server side GraphQL plugin in the mean time. Not sure if you've seen that -

Also cc'ing @William_Lyon who runs all things GraphQL at Neo

(William Lyon) #3

We don't currently have plans to implement neo4j-graphql in Python. We're focusing on building out all the features we want in neo4j-graphql-js first and then will develop a plan for porting to other languages.

As Mark points out you could use the GraphQL database plugin to have the GraphQL ---> Cypher generation logic in Neo4j itself:

Also, there was a good article showing how to use GraphQL with Neo4j and Python using Graphene (a Python GraphQL library) and the Py2neo OGM:

(Btroop) #5

Are you abandoning development on the plugin? I haven't seen a commit in 5 months and the issue backlog grows slowly but steadily.

(William Lyon) #6

No, not abandoning. There's been some recent work to update for Neo4j v3.5, for example:

Currently the immediate plan in JVM-land for GraphQL is to extract some of the GraphQL --> Cypher query translation logic from the plugin into a separate library.