The Neo4j Bloom Server license couldn't be verified

I'm getting an error "The Neo4j Bloom Server license couldn't be verified" on our neo4j bloom server instance.
I'm wondering if there's a specific port or something that's required to be open on our server so the license key can be validated?

I have the bloom stand-alone http server running also, and everything works with that. It's just that we can't connect bloom to the server graph database at all.

The license file is definitely being found, but it's just not able to verify it.

Here's the neo4j.conf I have setup:

Neo4j Bloom and Remote Access properties


I'm running Neo4j Enterprise on a Windows Server 2016 DataCenter Edition in Azure on a stand alone VM. I have everything working except being able to connect a bloom client to our remote server graph database.

Just following up on this to keep it active - Does anyone know any tricks for getting the Bloom Server to run against a remote windows graph db? I'm assuming it's jsut something in the neo4j.conf file or some firewall port or something needed to allow the Bloom Server License to be able to "verity" that it's got a valid bloom server license file key. I know the key is good. I've added it to desktop and it shows up correctly. I jsut can't connect bloom to the remove server graph. Everything is on the same single server - the bloom server the bloom key neo4j enterprise server version - and everything works except being able to bloom connect to the server graph.

Thoughts anyone?

We've seen an issue where the license key file doesn't get verified if it happens to contain the BOM character. Can you try saving the license file with UTF-8 encoding (without BOM character)? A text editor like Notepad++ should help do the trick.

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I knew it was something stupid. Yep that was exactly the issue. I did the following (for anyone reading this later)

  1. Copied my Bloom Server Key
  2. Pasted it into notepad and saved over the existing key file
  3. Restarted my neo4j service (running as a windows service - just right click in windows task manager on the service and choose restart)
  4. Went to my http://myserverDomainAddress:7474/Bloom URL and it works now.

Just an fyi for anyone else doing this that you have to have your neo4j.conf file configured properly to get the bloom server to work.

THANK YOU Anurag!!!
Been banging my head against the wall on that for a while now :slight_smile:

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Hi bryant,
thanks for your message,
i have the same issue and i was wondering where should I put the key file ? in which directory and how do I tell the neo4j to look out for the key in this location ?
Thanks a lot :)

Sorry for not replying sooner. This has been a while. But basically you can put it in the root folder of the Neo4j folder where you're running your Neo4j server from. I believe there may even be a location in the config file where you just point it to the location. I'm pretty sure I just have mine in the root folder.