Getting an error when apply bloom server license

We just signed up for the Neo4j startup program and we have received our license keys.

Last day, by using Docker, we intended to deploy a Neo4j server with the enterprise edition and bloom activated as one of plugins. By doing this, we are then able to access it by using Chrome

We followed the started-guide, and setup everything(at least I think we have).

The server is launched ,and we are able to access the graph db via Chrome browser, but when we tried to access /browser/bloom, it says,

The Neo4j Bloom Server license couldn't be verified. Please contact your system administrator.

We have google it and tried different ways to adjust the format of the license file, all leads to the same error.

What confuses us here is when we copied and phased the key directly into Neo4j desktop, it was treated as valid and the bloom application in Neo4j Desktop was successfully activated. But when we put the same content into the server, the error occurs.

The Neo4j docker image I use is 3.5.8 enterprise edition and the bloom plugin I use is bloom-plugin-1-1-1.jar

We are wondering was The Bloom license key sent by the startups team only for activating Neo4j Desktop, is there another key for activating the bloom server plugin?

Hope someone can help us ! Much appreciated!

Hi and welcome to the startup program!

Indeed - the Bloom server plugin requires a separate key. Unfortunately, Bloom Server option is not included with the free startup program. The startup program includes access to the Bloom app in Neo4j Desktop on 10 machines.

That's what we're thinking! We are misunderstanding some part of the startup program. Thanks for confirm it. We have successfully setup everything, and started using Bloom now!

So, you're saying that the Bloom client license that we, as a startup, received - is useless to access an instance of Neo4j running on another machine? :(

You just need to contact your Neo4j rep (the contact should be the e-mail you got welcoming you to the startup program) and they'll give you a bloom license key to use.

It's a bit of setup and config once you get it, but they should give you one if you contact them and ask for it.