How to Contact your Neo4j account representative for a license activation key to use the Bloom server plugin

Hi, I’m a student who is doing research with Neo4j. My questions are shown below:

  1. I can’t find Bloom in my Neo4j Desktop 1.2.8 within Neo4j 4.0.4. I can only get access to Bloom via development mode.

  2. I tried to open Neo4j Bloom on chrome, but it says You do not have permissions for Neo4j Bloom. Please contact your system administrator for access.

I would like to use Neo4j bloom on both Neo4j Desktop and Web and I’m willing to pay for the activation key. Could anyone help with that?


Hello and welcome :slight_smile:
Have you heard of Neo4j Startup program? If your work situation makes you eligible, you can get a free license to Bloom. Go here for more information: