Running Neosemantics in Node.js

Is it possible to make n10s calls in Node.js?
Something along the lines of n10s.rdf.import.fetch( ... ) );

          Richard Tresider

Hi @rtveritas ,
Absolutely :)
CALL is standard cypher syntax so you can use CALL n10s.*with all drivers.
Here's an example in python (older version of the plugin, but the idea is the same). You can use it with the javascript driver pretty much in the same way.
Also, note that when used like that, you may want to consider also the .inline flavour instead of the .fetch depending on how are you passing the RDF. There are examples of that in the repo.

Hope this helps.


Hi Jesus,
Thank you for the prompt response. That was exactly what I was looking for.
Node.js, neosemantics and Neo4j all now working happily together.


Richard Tresider

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