Neosemantics only /rdf/ping works

Hi all,
i try to use neosemantics. In one of my db it works fine. Both procedures and extensions /rdf/

in an other one only the semantics.* procedures and :get /rfd/ping works. no other url seems to work.

i am more than welcome for any idea.


Hi Thoams,

What version(s) of Neo4j and neosemantics do you have for your databases?

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Hi Lju,
thank you for the reply.
my versions are:
Neosemantics : neosemantics-
Version: |3.4.0|
Edition: |enterprise|

searched further in the internet updated my neosemantics library and found a different tutorial
) where some urls seem to work

:POST /rdf/cypher { "cypher" : "MATCH (n:BusinessObject) return n limit 25" } worked ok now.

:get /rdf/describe/id/4444 does not (it does in my other database)
:GET /rdf/describe/id?nodeid=5555 does.

so it seems that the documentation i was reading did not reflect the version i use.

The only thing left that i am looking for is how to specify the output format. I always get ttl no json-ld
specifying "format":"JSON-LD" did not help.

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:GET /rdf/onto
does not work
"could not fetch URL: "404 Not Found". This could be due to the remote server policy. See your web browsers error console for more information."

Hi Thomas,

There have been breaking changes in the latest version and most of the methods in the extension have changed to /rdf/. The new manual for this is available from:

I hope this helps!

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