Unable to query database using rdf


I'm trying to follow the steps given for exposing data as rdf using neosemantics.


I created a local database 'northwind' and was able to load the data fine with the given cypher commands. When I tried to access the data from the browser using
http://localhost:11004/rdf/northwind/describe/1, it returns just one line, like below:

@prefix sch: http://schema.org/ .

From the neo4j browser, I can see that this command returns the data correctly.

match(n) where id(n) = 1 return n

I can also confirm that the neo4j.conf contains this line:


Other relevant lines from the config file are:


Also, when I execute this command on the browser (after :use northwind),

northwind$ :GET /rdf

Could not fetch URL: "Failed to fetch". This could be due to the remote server policy. See your web browsers error console for more information.

Are there any other settings that I need to turn on in the config files to make the data available through rdf?