Using NoeSemantic

I am trying to use your pluggin with Neo Desktop 1.2.8.
I can only create 3.5.12 database and the pluggin needs a 4.0 database to work.

I also tryied with the sand box version (it is not possible)

I tryied on a Linux machine to add the pluggin to the plugin directory and Neo4J does not open.

What is the best way (easiest) to use neoSemantics
What I am doing wrong ?

Hi Olivier, it's hard to tell why you won't be able to create a 4.0 database from desktop. Is there a chance you're working offline and that's why you're not getting the latest versions?

Re. sandbox, you're right, it's not possible at the moment because n10s requires 4.0. But we're working on it, so watch this space, we hope to announce soon support for n10s in sandbox too!

Finally, this video (from 8:20) takes you through the process of installing from scratch in desktop.

I hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.