Request to push the v4 Docker image to neo4j-public/causal-cluster-k8s

I would like to setup the NEo4j Enterprise Causal Cluster within my existing Kubernetes cluster, and found out about the GCP marketplace app.

Looking at the registry, I see that the latest image was v3.5 pushed in December 2019.

Where should I request about the v4 image? I didn't find anywhere that v4 is not production ready, and I learnt Neo4j using the v4 documentation, so I'd rather avoid a future migration and get directly started with it.
The fact that Neo4j also offers a non-k8s GCE setup with v4 is also proof that I should be able to run v4 on a gke setup.

Edit: created a new issue at neo-technology/neo4j-google-k8s-marketplace

@david_allen I hope you won't mind the direct mention, since you made the related youtube video (thanks for that).

The 4.0 image is in the works right now, my colleague @bledi.feshti1 is working on it. I don't have an exact date for you. What we're going to release there is compatible with GCP Marketplace and basically does the same sorts of things you've read about for 4.0.

Separately - there is a helm chart in the helm packaging standard repo -- and I have a PR in to that to bring it up to 4.0 that we're pushing to get approved and merged. In any case it shouldn't be long, but in this second case, we don't control the timelines for merge into this other helm repo. [stable/neo4j]Neo4j 4.0 Support by moxious · Pull Request #21896 · helm/charts · GitHub

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Lovely! Is there a place I can subscribe to get a notification when the image 4.0 will be out? Or do you mind letting me know here once it's out?
Thank you very much, I look forward to it :slight_smile:

Edit: For the time being, I'll be watching the neo-technology/neo4j-google-k8s-marketplace project on github

@bledi.feshti1 any update available?

I think it will be public this week.

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