Neo4j 4.0 on Kubernetes

Anyone can do a successful deployment of a Neo4j 4.0 image on Kubernetes?

I have a lot of problems!

Hi Mariano - we're still in the process of upgrading our helm charts internally for 4.0. In particular a key challenge with the change to 4.0 that you may be encountering is the SSL subsystem; previously Neo4j generated its own self-signed certificate. Configuration that enabled https by default used that, and there were some changes in 4.0 that make startup require extra steps to generate that self-signed certificate. You can certainly post your challenges here and I'll follow up later if I can - but for now also be aware that updated helm charts for GKE are already in the works.

I deploy a Neo4j single instance and wait for de GA of the Cluster of 4.0

Hi David, any news on this?
Will the helm chart be the only deployment option or do you have/plan other ways (kustomize, operator)?

Sorry - no update. The status is the same as above right now.

I'm going to left this here...

Has a few changes to work in AKS.
And... maybe you can adjust the memory and CPU

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UPDATE: a PR is pending to get 4.0 support for Neo4j into the stable helm chart in the public helm repo.

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UPDATE: PR is merged, Neo4j 4.0 is available as a helm chart now:

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