Launching Neo4j on Google Kubernetes Marketplace


(M. David Allen) #1

This summer, Neo4j launched the ability to create graph clusters in managed Google Kubernetes instances. Check it out!

I'm also adding this as a thread on the community forum so that later folks can find it. You can feel free to post follow-up questions on this topic here, or in the #neo4j-graph-platform:cloud topic.

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(Brendan) #5

Hi @david.allen I've gone through this setup and your posts a few times but I'm missing a key detail... how do I connect to the cluster from my code? Normally I give py2neo a bolt or http address and a db username/password. I can't figure out what the address should be in Kubernetes.

(M. David Allen) #6

@brendan please check the limitations section here:

The cluster is exposed primarily inside of the kubernetes network, not outside. You can set up additional kubernetes things like NodePorts to expose individual pods if you like - one thing you might also want to do is check the SSH port forwarding section in those docs linked above to forward bolt.

Bolt+routing from outside of the kubernetes cluster is a bit problematic at the moment because of the way kubernetes networking works. We weren't able to provide default templates for this because much depends on your local network setting, but those docs there should help.