Neo4j Considerations in Orchestration Environments (like Kubernetes)

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Great article! In addition to David's last post, these were some of the best quality overviews of Neo4j cluster internals/ops out there :+1:

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I'm wondering if Google’s latest GKE networking features could promote any better solutions in regards to routing with Neo4j clusters on Kubernetes.

The newer VPC-native/Alias IP cluster options via Network Endpoint Groups (NEGs) seem to indicate that there's a revised architecture in the ingress routing setup that could be a step towards a simpler, more integrated approach to the current networking complications listed in the article.

Check out their release page where they introduce the new concepts for "container-native" load balancing... :thinking::thought_balloon:

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Thanks for this suggestion! I'll check it out, and I'm not familiar with these new GKE features just yet. One of the things I'm looking for is the ability to advertise the right address within Neo4j, and also to be able to dynamically change the routing structure depending on cluster topology changes. I need to spend a bit of time researching this to see if I can combine these primitives to make that happen.