Neo4J Graph Platform

I updated the Neo4J version and I am not able to use the stored database and plugins. I am getting the following error:

Plugin failed to install. Error: EBUSY: resource busy or locked, unlink 'C:\Users\13565987.Neo4jDesktop\neo4jDatabases\database-8d1e5358-4a7c-49b9-90ca-77f5e9b21110\installation-3.5.3\plugins\apoc-'

Which version of Neo4j are you using? You'll want to make sure you use a version of the APOC plugin (and any other plugins) compatible with the Neo4j version you're using.

I updated to Neo4J 3.5.6. However, I am not sure about the versions of the plug ins? How can I change that?

I tried downloading the software on another machine and it works on that (however I do have problems working graph algorithm app and Neo4J browser by copying the codes and using it in Neo4J browser).

I did try and uninstall the software from my machine and re-install it but some user files remain. Is there any way I can clear all the user files related to Neo4J before wiping of my system and then reinstalling it?