Neo4j Enterprise Startup program in AWS


We have received licenses for the enterprise edition and it is a bit unclear on how to apply the license when using the Enterprise AMI instances in the AWS cloud. How would you go about this?

There's no need. The license is what permits you to use Neo4j Enterprise under the terms of your license, but there is no key to apply, the Enterprise AMIs in AWS will just work.


We are a startup. We have a product that is PaaS Application Development platform. We have been recently accepted into Neo4J startup program. We have been given production license for upto 24 cores. We have a couple of customers we are looking to go to production with in next 2 months. Though our platform is built to allow multiple customers to share the same Neo4J database, to provide the level of isolation these customers are lookin for, we are looking to provide them with each with their own databases.

What is the best way to achieve it under the licenses provided to us in the startup program.


Paging @ryan.boyd who may be able to help with specific questions about licensing for the startup program.

A thing to consider though is that Neo4j 4.0 is coming soon within a few months - and it will permit multi-database isolation, that is the ability to have different named graphs in the same database. This might be another way you can get isolation without using multiple different clusters. A public milestone release of Neo4j 4.0 I think is a couple of weeks away.

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Thanks David. Other option would be using something like Docker.


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