Neo4j Enterprise Edition License

Our organization recently got the Neo4j enterprise edition startup program license.

We then installed the Neo4j Enterprise edition on Google Cloud Platform via Marketplace. On installation we got three VMs, however, we are not sure where to provide the received License number to avoid any charges either by Google or Neo4j.

Kindly guide us on this and let us know if more information is required from our side.

Some products, such as Neo4j Bloom or Neo4j Desktop, require an activation key. However, Neo4j Database itself does not currently make use of an activation/license key. Instead, the various methods of running Neo4j Enterprise (Docker, cloud marketplace, etc) require the user to assert they have a valid Neo4j Enterprise license, which in your case is granted through the Neo4j Startup Program (this is known as "Bring Your Own License"). You can find more information on Neo4j activation keys here: