Migration back to Discourse

Hello friends!

So... about a half year ago we switched the platform used here on community.neo4j.com from Discourse to a vendor called Khoros. We were hopeful about Khoros as a platform that we could build upon to make a great website for the community, with tight integration into Aura and the rest of the Neo4j experience. Unfortunately the roadmap for Khoros doesn't mesh well with our needs, and the forums themselves are not the best experience for technical content.

We have decided to revert the change. We will be migrating back to Discourse by the end of this month. All content and accounts will transition over. By the end of this week we should be synced up and will continue to sync until we switch over.

But, there may be issues that I haven't noticed, like content formatting that didn't translate correctly from raw html (on Khoros) to markdown (on Discourse). If anything looks amiss to you, don't hesitate to let me know as I will be diligently working through all issues.

I'll post updates in this thread as the migration progresses. Don't hesitate to reach out to me here, in DM or in email at andreas@neo4j.com for this or any reason.

Best, Andreas