Uche Chilaka - Senior Frontend Dev

Hi Team!

Just got the email from Michael about the switch to Discourse for technical content. Glad to stay in touch with the team.

About myself... I've left a trail of open source dev tools in my wake as I've tinkered, DIYed and prototyped my way to my current focus as a "JavaScript Everywhere" developer - driven mostly by my familiarity with the language and intent to extract as much value from all those years of experience as possible.

Speaking of those years, the more recent ones have been a lot of fun with GCP, Docker, Neo4j and React - speaking of which, has anyone had any luck running docker containers on windows with mapped volume mounts?

I'm currently on-boarding with Angular 6 for responsibilities in my new role.

Glad to meet you all!

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Welcome to the forum !

Windows + Docker is at best a tricky combo (I use VirtualBox to get around it myself). Having said that, quite a bit of progress has been made recently, post your question in the Installation - Neo4j Online Community channel and I'm sure there's useful input that can be given.