Neo4j Discourse 2021 Theme

Hello friends!

There's a new "Neo4j Discourse 2021" available for preview which will become the new default theme for the community discourse site.

Features include:

  • revised landing page layout
  • adoption of tailwind to be hipster and more easily match style
  • Open Sans for body text
  • Fira Code font for monospace text, which makes Cypher look awesome
  • syntax highlighting for cypher code
  • dark mode

Give it a try by going to your preferences and selecting "Neo4j Discourse 2021" as the theme under the "interface" section. Feedback here would be awesome!


Type samples (H1)

Text style (H2)

Italicized to begin with that European flair followed by emboldened words that dare then end with an inline emoji :smile_cat: to soften the tone.

links are everywhere!

Code (H3)


// Code
MATCH p=(n)-->(m) RETURN p



Inline code is not syntax highlighted.

Sometimes a match is within a link.

Block quote

'Easy to implement' doesn't mean you should.
'Hard to implement' doesn't mean you shouldn't.
--> abk


Unordered list:

  • some things have no obvious order
  • like stars twinkling in the sky

Ordered list:

  1. First things first
  2. Then do the next right thing
  3. Finish when.. you're done!

Embedded content

Tweaked the landing page header to use Neo4j brand colors. WDYT?

Preview using this link: Neo4j Online Community

It looks good :slight_smile:

Is a dark mode will be available? If yes, you should be aware that we cannot see the Neo4j brand with the logo with the current theme:


Nice catch! I'll take a look at supporting that properly.

@Cobra I have updated the theme with a dark mode. Could you try it out?

Not everything is in dark mode:

Moreover, that's when I want to answer to you: (the text is in white)

OK, interesting. That's partial dark mode. I think the styles I've added are dark-mode aware thanks to tailwind. The white backgrounds are managed by discourse itself, I think.

Could you try:

  • enable "Enable automatic dark mode color scheme" in user Preferences/Interface
  • switch to dark mode in your OS

Also, what OS/browser are you using? I clearly will need more cross-browser testing.

Thank you for your help!


It's what I did, I checked the box it didn't change anything :confused:

I'm on Windows 10 and using Firefox and always using dark mode for both :slight_smile:

Color scheme updates to bring closer in line with the new logo.

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