Installation Problem: No Internet Connection


(Jiaqizhu) #1

Hello Everyone,

I am Jiaqi from U.S. I met a problem when I installed Neo4j 1.1.14 on my Mac laptop. I successfully downloaded and installed it; however, when I opened it, it showed me that no internet connection for the Neo4j Desktop. It said "Poor network connection/Proxied network environment detected".

I have already checked my laptop internet connection. No thing wrong with my internet. Have anyone met the same problem? And how to solve it?

Thank you so much!!

(Michael Hunger) #2

so you don't have any proxies configured or such?

Can you try the following.
Click "Work Offline" to close the dialog.

Use Cmd+k to open the command bar and type log then share the Neo4j Desktop log, so that we can check for issues.

(Jiaqizhu) #3

Thank you for replying my question!
I got a log.log file, but how can I share the file to you? Is there anyway I can directly attach the file in this reply?

(Michael Hunger) #4

Can you put it on dropbox/google drive/pastebin or such.

(Jiaqizhu) #6
Here is the google drive link. Thank you so much!

(Michael Hunger) #7

Hmm there is nothing unusual in your log.
If you go to settings you should be able to disable offline mode.

(Jiaqizhu) #8

Solved! Thank you so much!