Import graph data from Sandbox into Neo4j Desktop

Hello Neo4j Community,

I would like to use the Neo4j Sandbox Recommendations graph and import it into Neo4j Desktop as the Neo4j Server Version for Desktop supports more functionality for composite indices which the Sandbox does not (yet).

For this (and general purposes) I would like to know what the best way would be to export the whole graph data from the Recommendations dataset (around 28k nodes and 160k relationships) and import it into Neo4j Desktop.

I have been through the Graph Academy and looked online and did not come up with an easy solution and thought of different ways to approach this. Anything involving the apoc library for export does not seem to work as the apoc library is not working for the Sandbox which is a whole different question and I am not sure why it would not let me use it.

Connecting Neo4j Desktop to the Sandbox remotely via URL and entering the respective credentials does not work either as the Neo4j Server Version would still be the old one.

Any suggestions on what is the easiest way to achieve this? I cannot imagine that it would be such a complicated thing to do. But it seems like it is.

I am really grateful on any advice. Thank you.

Did you manage to make it work? I would like the exact same thing. Thanks!


Unfortunately I did not manage to make it work yet and similar questions in other forums didn't provide an answer either. Sorry I am not able to help you any more with it.

If you find out how to make it work I'd be happy to hear how you did it.


Yes, I got a local version of the database. There is a dump file of the database in this repo:

Hey jvanvalkenhoef,

Thank you so much for that. I will try it.