How to edit relationships in Bloom?

I was playing around with the Movie DB in Bloom (for the first time.)

Using Bloom, I accidentally made the bad relationship

(:Movie {name:"You've Got Mail"})-[ACTED_IN]->(:Person {name:"Carrie Fisher"})

which is obviously wrong.

Using the Bloom UI:

  • How can I reverse the relationship? i.e. it should be (:Person)-[ACTED_IN]->(:Movie)
  • How can I delete the relationship? i.e. Carrie Fisher has nothing to do with this movie

I know how to make modifications with Cypher.

My concern is that if we were to let less sophisticated people use Bloom, then they might make this type of noob mistake but there doesn't seem to be a way to fix it.

I tried:

  • clicking on the link directly and hitting the delete key
  • right clicking and looking for a delete menu item
  • looking for a pencil icon

[added] I now know how to reverse a relationship using APOC: Invert relationship - APOC Extended Documentation

But I still want to use Bloom (or something like it), so that DB noobs can use direct manipulation to fix the DB without having to learn Cypher.

Hey. Currently, we do not support deleting entities in Bloom. Looking ahead we will allow this in the future.
I agree with all of your points you've made here.