Adding properties to a relationship from Bloom editing interface?

Hello all,

I am trying to propose a way to directly use Bloom to enrich an enterprise knowledge graph.
There is almost all the needed actions for edition but I am not able from Bloom to add a property to a node or a relationships. I can only edit the value if the property already exist.

For the nodes there is a workaround by duplicating an existing one but not for the relationships.

Has anyone found a way to do so?

Another way that could be ok is if in a search phrase there is a way to modify a link but so far I can only have a RETURN clause working. I suppose this is the way it is intented to.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I was able to add properties in Bloom.

  1. Created a new node
  2. Inspect node

  1. You can add properties that already existed in the original graph

  1. Unfortunately you cannot yet add new properties (name + types) that didn't exist in the original graph/perspective

Hello Michael,

Thanks a lot.

This is very helpful.
Is there a similar action to perform when this property we want to add is on a relationship?

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Hi Stéphane

At the moment, there isn't any way from the UI to add a property to a relationship.

It would be possible with a search phrase, you can make it return the updated relationships for example like this:

match (n)-[r]-(m) where = $param1 set r += {test: $param2} return n, r, m

I you want to be able to control the name of the param from the search phrase as well you might need to use an apoc procedure though



Thanks a lot Jens, that's already a good work around.

Have a great day