Display relationship properties on graph

I have a relationship type "IS_SHAREHOLDER_OF" with the property "votingRightsPercentage". I would like to display this property on the label of the relationship arrow in the graph. Is it possible? If yes, how?

I would like to second this request.
It is easily set in the browser so we know you can do it.

Please check this link:

where I provided a solution


I appreciate your work around, but this should really be part of Bloom especially if the target audience for the product is the business user. The feature exists in the Desktop Browser and it exists for nodes within Bloom. The methods for labelling nodes within Bloom needs to be extended to relationships. It should be available for business analysts to select the labelling options.

Thanks for the feedback. I have captured the feedback for our product backlog. For now, you could use the rule-based styling of relationships to make the relationship arrows thinner or thicker using numerical values. I imagine that will help a bit by quickly spotting the higher or lower values on the canvas and you can still double-click to get the exact value. Not a solution by any means, but hope it helps.

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Thanks, but I was looking for something in Bloom. Your solution is for the Browser