Showing Virtual Relationships properties in Bloom


Using a simple cypher query to create virtual relationships.
In the desktop browser I can set the property key, num, as the displayed label and this works. I am moving the query to Bloom and can run the query and the relationships show up using the label, "WITH". I would like to use rule based in formatting to at least show the value. It appears that there is not direct option to do that since the virtual relationship is not listed as option. Is there another way to do this?

MATCH (:company{name:'applied materials'})<-[:Assigned_to]-(p:patent) MATCH (a:cpc)-[:Classified_As]-(p)-[:Classified_As]-(b:cpc) WHERE id(a)>id(b) WITH a,b, count(p) as pats RETURN a, b,pats, apoc.create.vRelationship(a,'WITH',{num:pats},b) as rel order by pats DESC LIMIT 50
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