Virtual relationships not rendering in neo4j bloom

I have a query like

WHERE "term1" in ne1.literal_forms
WHERE "term2" in ne2.literal_forms
MATCH (n1:Mention: {ent_id:ne1.ent_id})<-[:HAS_SRC_ENT]-(ev:Evidence)-[:HAS_TRG_ENT]->(n2 {ent_id: ne2.ent_id})
WITH avg(ev.confidence) as agg_confidence, ne1, ne2, ev.theme as theme
CALL apoc.create.vRelationship(ne1, theme, {confidence:agg_confidence}, ne2)
RETURN ne1, rel, ne2

but only the ne1 and n2 nodes are rendered - the rel is not. Is it possible to render these relationships in bloom?

This renders as I would like in neo4j browser, just not bloom. Can someone please help me?

Thanks in advance.

What version of Bloom are you using?

We have added support for APOC virtual nodes and relationships in Bloom 1.6.0, previously it wasn't possible to visualise those

I am also having this issue.
I have created visuals relationships in the desktop browser and can see them there.

In Bloom (version 1.6.1) I have refreshed the perspective and the new relationships are not an option when I right click to expand a node relationship. They also do not show up as an item in the perspective pane when I examine relationships.

MATCH (a:company{name:"applied materials"})-[:Assigned_to]-(d:patent)<-[:Cites]-(:patent)-[:Assigned_to]-(b:company)
RETURN a,b, apoc.create.vRelationship(a, "sees", {times:count(distinct(d))},b) as rel