Deleting nodes and relationships in Bloom

I would like to delete a node or relationship in Bloom. It is easy to create nodes and relationships (with existing labels), but I can not find a way to delete them.

There is a "back" (and "forward") to undo (and re-do) the last operation. This allows deleting a newly created node/relationship, but I would like to delete old nodes/relationships.

Also, I have read that this is a feature that "is planned to be added to Bloom", so I am asking if it is already available (for example How to edit relationships in Bloom?). I am using Neo4j Desktop 1.4.5 (updated on 10-May-2021).

Thank you beforehand!

I've checked and this feature is on the Bloom roadmap. I can't give you a firm date for when the feature will see full production release, but I believe it's unlikely to be in 2021. First half of 2022 is more likely.

The board is also telling me this was your first post? Welcome!


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