How to delete nodes in Neo4j Bloom

Hi, dear all.

I currently have a question regarding deleting nodes in Bloom.
I created a node in Bloom by mistake and with right click there is no "delete node" option. However, I tried the "undo" option but it doesn't work.

For example, I created a node "Person" (5 nodes existed and a newly created one), after clicking "Undo", it seems to be resetted, but when I search Person in search box, 6 nodes will still be returned.

Can anyone may help me with that?
Thanks a lot and best regards

Hey there!

When you create a node within Bloom's UI, you are not only adding a new node to the canvas, you are also writing that new node to the database itself. The undo command however only operates on the canvas, not database transactions. So while undo may remove that node from your canvas, it is still written to your database.

Thanks a lot! But is there any way I can delete the node in Bloom as well as in database? Or for deleting node, it has to be done in database? Thanks

Look at this, it will help you i think

Thanks for reply. But where can I type query in Bloom except in "search phrases"? It seems that the deleting and editing node still have to be done in database not UI? And is there any way to do this without code? Thanks

Hi yuxin16!

Sounds like this feature is on the Bloom roadmap for the first half of 2022:


Oh, unfortunately that the function is still not realised but good news that it's already on the way. Thanks for info!