GraphQL Architect infer failing

GraphQL Architect is an excellent plugin. I have an existing database with nodes that have multiple labels (all nodes are of type X, some also of type Y, some also of type Z etc). When inferring the schema for many of my relationships I see - (for example)
Relationship Neo4jRelationship
type: 'relationship',
properties: {},
links: [
{ from: [Array], to: [Array] },
{ from: [Array], to: [Array] },
{ from: [Array], to: [Array] }
} is not univalent and is not yet supported

Will this be supported in the near future, is there a workaround I could use?

Quick update, running latest neo4j 4.2.2 and latest desktop GraphQL Architect now appears to get 'stuck' spinning graphic while inferring the schema. Is there logging specific to this graph app that I can look at? Is there any additional information that I can provide?