GraphQL Architect Boolean issue

Trying to use GraphQL Architect with a remote DB (neo4j 3.5), I get two errors:
'Boolean cannot represent a non boolean value: "true"', and the same for "false". GraphQL Architect wouldn't even start.
There are no strings "true" or "false" as properties in the database.
(The lonesome stack overflow question about the same issue didn't receive an answer yet.)
I'd be glad if someone could help.

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Hmm, can you share the generated schema?

What happens if you connect to the db with grandstack starter and use the infer-schema?

same problem, Neo4j version is 4.3.2 and Neo4j desktop 1.4.5.
I am accessing Neo4j DB remotely.
I installed GraphQL architect in Neo4j desktop using this url to Install:
The Neo4j DB has the sample movies graph loaded.

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But there are no boolean values in the movie graph or?

you are right, there are no boolean values in the graph.

any updates pls, graphQL architect is sorely needed now...

Any news on this? I get the same error.