Creating a Grandstack App from Zero

I am trying to learn about GraphQL and React hence thought i will log all my actions to get something up and running (with Google to help with code snippets). This is an ongoing Project so I anyone would be kind enough to review the content and comment on it I would very grateful.

You can find the content here vignesk70/grandstack-demo (

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Looks great to me so far. If you're interested you could post this as a multi-post series to the grandstack blog, I'm sure @lyonwj would love to see it submitted.

You might have seen that neo4j/graphql 2.0 came out with support for relationship properties?

Also some mutations could be cool to show in the app, e.g. to assign new tasks or change efforts.

Yes thats the plan to include mutations to add some people/tasks and also the updated the relationship properties that are part of the graph. Will update the libraries to the latest versions currently using the beta (or was it alpha)