Facing Problem while starting Database on Neo4j Desktop

I have been trying to start the already present movies database on Neo4j Desktop for Windows10 but every time getting the error:

Database Movie Database can not be started due to conflicts with external processes.

To fix this problem, let us change these port configurations:

  • bolt : 7687 → 11005
  • http : 7474 → 11006

As I choose Fix configuration option nothing happens and the process again fails.

After clicking Fix configuration, I get the same message popped up:
Message: Database failed to start: Database process terminated, see logs.. Check the logs

I am not able to understand what to do. I go to debug.logs but cannot understand anything. I have uninstalled-installed many times now and the same problem persists.

I studied every answer on forum but could not solve it. If anyone can help me, it would be really really great.

You probably have an older database running, e.g. due to a crash in desktop?

You might see if you check in task manager and see if you see java or azul java running, and kill that process.

Perhaps you can explain in more details how you install start neo4j desktop?

And if you have other installations / services of neo4j previously installed?

Hey @michael.hunger !!!

I have MongoDB installed in my laptop if that's what you meant by having an older database.

For java processes, I kiiled my Java processes from command line using taskkill /f /im java.exe but as soon as I clicked activate database, all the killed java processes again started.

Neo4j Desktop Installation:
Download Neo4j Desktop version(enterprise edition) from official page -> Setup -> Enter the activation key -> Some Neo4j set up took place and dashboard of Neo4j opened with all the projects( Default movie project here) -> Then clicked on start running

I installed the same Neo4j Desktop version before, uninstalled it then installed server based( trying to do using server but could not do because of lack of some requirements so uninstalled it) and again installed desktop version.

Can you dhare the desktop logs
By using ctrl-k and enter log
In the command bar