Eve Freeman - Software Engineer at Fannie Mae (DC area)

I'm Eve Freeman (she/her), and I've been into Neo4j since 2012, and have been a co-organizer of the DC-area meetup since then. I was an enthusiastic cypher contributor in 2013, and I wrote two drivers over the years (AnormCypher--now maintained mostly by Kai Chen, and cq). I do consulting and Neo4j training on the side. I'm also neo4j certified.

My favorite language is go. I'm into spicy vegan food, lgbt issues, and chess (and other games). My partner is an artist so I've been enjoying art-related things more and more, lately.

Looking forward to interacting with you all here!


Welcome to the forum Eve. I'm told an official Go driver is in the works !

addition : and on reading your profile slightly more attentive I realize that you're probably one of the people creating/helping create that driver ... forgive me my ignorance :slight_smile:

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Welcome Eve! Are you going to be coming to GraphConnect? The spicy vegan food loving subgraph is apparently growing, and here I thought I was all alone. :slight_smile:

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No problem! I'm actually not helping on the driver yet, but I'm becoming a little motivated... the itch is coming back. Might try to port seabolt to go, to see if we can have a non-cgo driver.


Nope! :frowning:

Hope to see you around, though!

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Hi Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley: