Greetings from Danish

Hello Everybody!
What an astonishing day is today. How are you all?

I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself here.
My name is Danish Bhatia and I work as a Business Data Analyst in a Pharma company in Dublin Ireland.
I've been working on some cutting-edge technologies for a while now like Tableau, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Python, SQL to name a few and then I discovered this new schema-optional graph database called as Neo4j. Now, since, I am obsessed with technologies, I wanted to do this as well and thanks to the videos of Ryan Boyd along with the graph database E-Book, I was able to clear the Certification.

Now that's still not all. If there is anyone working on any project involving Neo4j (or looking to start any project) and want a team-mate, I'd absolutely love that opportunity.
Also, if there is any meetup for Neo4j, I'd be more than happy to attend it.

This database is astounding...

Thanks very much and have a great day!

Danish Bhatia

Welcome @danishbhatia110 to the Neo4j Community!

Neo4j is definitely addicting as your start to go down the rabbit hole. You can find projects where people are looking for collaboration here!

Additionally, events in different parts of the world can be found here as well. You can search based on additional locations.

I am sure there are definitely other graphistas nearby who you can connect with!

Welcome again!