Ecommerce Best Practices

Hi there!

I am working on an ecommerce project and running into a question. I would like for sellers in the ecommerce site to be able to reduce the time it takes to add new listings. In order to do this, I was hoping to utilize a sort of lookup where my database would look for nodes that have a similar product number, name, or other strong identifier, and then pull details such as specs, details, etc. from the existing product node and copy most of those same properties over to the node for the new listing.

Thoughts on approaches to doing this? My very uneducated, blunt object approach would be to pull several of the "closest" matching nodes and then display their specs next to the new listing form the seller is filling out and then have them click on the one the is most similar and have it copy and paste them in.... or to use some cypher where the new nodes properties equal the properties of an existing node. Sorry, I'm new to this so I thought I throw this out to the community and see what approaches you all can think of. Thanks for any input! - Isaac