Cypher - modeling help needed for buyer, seller of real estate

Dear All

I am trying to model different options for buyer, seller marketplace of real estate.
Seller - who wanted to sell his property. Property can be house, office.
Seller can be interested to sell or give on rent the property.

Buyer: same - buyer is looking to buy property(house, office)
Buyer can be interested to buy or on rental the property.

There are parameters of property - like area (1440 square feet), location(Manhattan, New York), Budget( 55,00,000 USD), 4 bed room,...

My requirement is to connect buyer with seller or vice versa.
Can you help me with graph model options along with node, relationship that describes best way?


Have you tried drawing a white board model to lay out the ideas you have?

I think the best bet is to just start with a model and adjust as you go. Do you have something in place already, or are you still just trying to figure out the best model to use at the beginning?