Deleting a graph app in Desktop 1.3.3 on MacOS Catalina?

It's probably something rather simple, but how do I uninstall or delete a graph app in Neo4j Desktop 1.3.3? Cannot figure that one out. Many thanks in advance.

Start the database and select 'system' database, run SHOW DATABASES


This deletes database with the specified name.

Thank you for your suggestion, appreciate it. However, I am not talking about a database, I am referring to a graph app, something like Bloom or Neo4j Browser. They are listed in the left side panel, but don't seem to offer any option for deleting them once they are installed. At least in the version I have installed.

In the left panel for the Graph Apps, if you click the menu open (down arrow below the app), you should see a place where you can delete it.


That's what I had thought initially, however, it did not show up for me for any app. I did a reboot of Neo4j Desktop and now this option shows up. Not sure why it initially didn't show, maybe I had Neo4j Desktop running for too long without reboot.
Anyway, it solved my issue. Thank you for your help.