Database failed to create: Error: Could not change password

(Muhammadrakhmadani) #1

I Installed Neo4j Desktop 1.1.15 but can't create a local graph, need help please

(Paul Thomas) #2

The fix suggested by Joe Huffman 10 days to create a server folder worked for me last week on the latest version of Neo4j desktop.

One of the Neo4j staff probably needs to comment on the issue / real fix but that work-around worked for me!

(Muhammadrakhmadani) #3

Thanks Paul :+1::+1:

(Bi Y Tcc K Ciu) #4

That server folder ‘fix’ works for me too.

(Sceurpien) #5

I had the same issue, and I wrote a simple article how you can manage to start Neo4j on a Win10 computer.

I hope it helps.