Cannot connect to Aura DB from Python with Neo4j file

I'm trying to connect to Aura using the provided example file of neo4j: Neo4j Aura. I'm able to connect from the browser but when trying the example file I get the following error: Unable to retrieve routing information

what should I do?

This is the full code:

from neo4j import GraphDatabase
import logging
from neo4j.exceptions import ServiceUnavailable

class App:

    def __init__(self, uri, user, password):
        self.driver = GraphDatabase.driver(uri, auth=(user, password))

    def close(self):
        # Don't forget to close the driver connection when you are finished with it

    def create_friendship(self, person1_name, person2_name):
        with self.driver.session() as session:
            # Write transactions allow the driver to handle retries and transient errors
            result = session.write_transaction(
                self._create_and_return_friendship, person1_name, person2_name)
            for row in result:
                print("Created friendship between: {p1}, {p2}".format(p1=row['p1'], p2=row['p2']))

    def _create_and_return_friendship(tx, person1_name, person2_name):
        # To learn more about the Cypher syntax, see
        # The Reference Card is also a good resource for keywords
        query = (
            "CREATE (p1:Person { name: $person1_name }) "
            "CREATE (p2:Person { name: $person2_name }) "
            "CREATE (p1)-[:KNOWS]->(p2) "
            "RETURN p1, p2"
        result =, person1_name=person1_name, person2_name=person2_name)
            return [{"p1": row["p1"]["name"], "p2": row["p2"]["name"]}
                    for row in result]
        # Capture any errors along with the query and data for traceability
        except ServiceUnavailable as exception:
            logging.error("{query} raised an error: \n {exception}".format(
                query=query, exception=exception))

    def find_person(self, person_name):
        with self.driver.session() as session:
            result = session.read_transaction(self._find_and_return_person, person_name)
            for row in result:
                print("Found person: {row}".format(row=row))

    def _find_and_return_person(tx, person_name):
        query = (
            "MATCH (p:Person) "
            "WHERE = $person_name "
            "RETURN AS name"
        result =, person_name=person_name)
        return [row["name"] for row in result]

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # Aura queries use an encrypted connection using the "neo4j+s" URI scheme
    uri = "neo4j+s://<Bolt url for Neo4j Aura database>"
    user = "<Username for Neo4j Aura database>"
    password = "<Password for Neo4j Aura database>"
    app = App(uri, user, password)
    app.create_friendship("Alice", "David")
    app.close()`Preformatted text`
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Is there any firewall blocking traffic between you and Neo4j Aura? The most common source of this error is problems with the network between you and the Aura instance. The full output of the script might also help

Hi David,

I am getting the above error and I guess the reason is that I am connecting through SSL connection. "encrypted=False" does not help here because the example uses uri "neo4j+s://".
Is there any workaround here? BTW, because I am using free aura I think I can't change the DB configuration.


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