Could not connect to neo4j aura server


The below error occurs frequently and cannot connect to neo4j Aura. But neo4j browser works fine, so its a problem with server down or connector?

py2neo.errors.ServiceUnavailable: Cannot connect to any known routers

conn = Graph("neo4j+s://",
auth=("neo4j", ""), secure=True)

This is how I connect.


I assume you removed the first part of the host name on purpose, right? Or did you try to connect to verbatim?

Yes, in the forum textarea I typed it as

<hostname> and <password>

Markdown removed it or somehow it got removed.

I'm not very familiar with py2neo but to me this looks like a network issue between the machine the driver is running on and Aura.

Could you please run this minimal example with the official Python driver and share the logs with us?

from neo4j import GraphDatabase
from neo4j.debug import watch

uri = "..."
driver = GraphDatabase.driver(uri, auth=("neo4j", "password"))

def workload(tx):
    return"RETURN 1 as n").data()

with watch("neo4j"):  # enable logging
    with driver.session() as session:


Thanks Rouven, Got it resolved now. May be some issues with availability I guess. I am not seeing such kind of errors now.