Bloom does not show nodes

After completing the request, I see flickering nodes. But then they disappear. On my laptop, everything shows up correctly. Problem with a desktop computer. Both (notebook and PC under Ubuntu)

It seems there are some problems with layouts. Please advise me how to fix. I think that tried everything :(

Try to enable "Graph layout compatibility mode" using the settings (steering wheel button)

Does this solve it?

Stefan, thank you for the advice. This setting does not help.
But I found how to solve the problem.

In details, when I use simple request returning only nodes without relationships, then Bloom shows nothing on my Desktop but works ok on my Laptop. I think the problem around so called Gravity (I saw such setting in GrapXR visualizer).

But when I use request returning nodes with relationships then all ok on Desktop too.

So I change request to e.g.
call"match p=(:Sender)-[:send]-(:Receiver) return p", null) yield value
return value