Bloom displays white screen only

Not sure what happened but all of a sudden I can launch Bloom, however, I get a blank screen as a result. Bloom appears to connect to the active database in Neo4j Desktop, but then fails to make the proper connection. It worked perfectly fine a day ago.
I attempted to restart, reinstall with no result.

Has anyone ever seen this before and found a resolution. Feels like my hand got tied behind my back now that Bloom is not working anymore.

Thank you.

Problem is solved. Apparently there was an update to Neo4j Desktop from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0 that needed to be installed. The indicator for an upgrade wasn't all that obvious, but somehow I stumbled over it. I also needed to restart my machine altogether to clear up some old processes as immediately after desktop upgrade my database wouldn't start. After restart, however, everything seems to be in order again.
Bloom is working fine and the weekend appears to be saved ;-)