Bloom nodes and relationship flickering and out of focus

Good Day All,

Whenever I expand on a node in Bloom, the resulting structure flickers out of existence. I have enabled the Graph layout compatibility mode and for good measure the Experimental Features.

My setup is as below
Neo4j Desktop: 1.2.8
Neo4j Database: 4.0.6
Bloom Version: 1.3.2

Hey @emmanuel.obayi,
Can you share a screenshot / video of what exactly is happening?

Use this link to watch the video:

The nodes and relationship go out of focus and are unresponsive

Hi @emmanuel.obayi can you tell us the GPU type on your machine? It looks like you are using Windows 10. Can you confirm?

NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M

Hi again @emmanuel.obayi

This is Jens from the Bloom team. We haven't had any reports of problems with that setup, and from looking at specs that GPU should be able to run Bloom fine. Two things you could try are:

  1. make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card and

  2. NOTE: only if you have an integrated GPU: Make sure Neo4j desktop is set to use the GeForce GPU and not the integrated one. You can check this with the task manager and the Nvidia tray applet