Apoc.Export.CSV.All is not considering two of the configurations

Hi, I am trying to use apoc.export.csv.all api to export the data from the Neo4j database and then the CSV file has to be fed to neo4j admin import command for importing the data to another Neo4j database.
As neo4j admin import expects, headers for nodes and relations, I wanted to check if there is any option to get the headers from Export API.
I could find two flags as below referred here - here - Section: Table 11. configuration options

param default description
bulkImport true create files for Neo4j Admin import
separateHeader false create two file: one for header and one for data

However, when I execute the api with these configs, I am

  1. Not finding separate files created for separateHeader
  2. Seeing the below error for bulkImport

neo4j@neo4j> CALL apoc.export.csv.all("all.csv",{bulkImport: true}); Failed to invoke procedure apoc.export.csv.all: Caused by: java.net.MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: all.nodes.

Kindly provide inputs or suggestions to resolve the issue.

This is definitely weird, I just execute an CALL apoc.export.csv.all("all.csv",{bulkImport: true}) and there are several Junit tests with these configs.
Can you provide your apoc version?
Just execute:

return apoc.version()

I am currently using Neo4j - Community Edition - 4.3.4

neo4j@neo4j> return apoc.version();
| apoc.version() |
| ""      |


Nope, I cannot replicate the problem (with the same apoc and neo4j version).
I would suggest you to upgrade the apoc version, now there is the
In case the issue persists even after the upgrade, can you share the url which are you looking to export to?
Perhaps there is some particular character that apoc does not recognize.