Anton Begehr

(Abegehr) #1

Hey graph-enthusiasts!

My name is Anton. I'm a Computer Science student at FU Berlin and Uni Passau.

I'm using Neo4j at to analyse data concerning Startups, Investors, People and their relationships.

Cool to have a forum now :+1:

(Michael Hunger) #2

Hi Anton,

welcome from Dresden :) Sounds like a really cool project. Where do you pull your data from? @William_Lyon has done something similar with Mattermark data. Hope you have time to ask & answer on the forum.

(William Lyon) #3

Welcome Anton!

That's a neat use case. We're aware of a few other FinTech / investment intelligence companies using Neo4j for this type of analysis. Cyndx is another one.

(Karin Wolok) #5

Hi Anton!
Welcome! We're so glad to have you here! :)

(Abegehr) #6

Thank you for the warm welcome, Michael :slight_smile:
We have access to Crunchbase Data through their Crunchbase Venture Program. The link to @William_Lyon is a great resource!

(Abegehr) #7

Great article, @William_Lyon! Especially your use of the Apollo client to load data and the spoon-neo4j extension for visualisations are very helpful :slight_smile:
I'll check out Cyndx :+1: