Hi everyone -- German newbie here and looking for an adviser/mentor

Hi, I'm Mario from northern Germany. I started learning Neo4j and Cypher from a book chapter on graph DBs with Elixir. It's nice to be here!

I'm an amateur programmer building what'll hopefully become a small business to support my family. I started gathering data last year for my MVP using Airtable, then realized a graph DB would be so much more flexible and allow relationships to store attributes too :slight_smile:

While I think I got the gist of creating nodes/relationships with a CSV import, I'm looking for someone experienced to occasionally talk live with. Who with consideration of my long-term data management goals, can tell me what to look for and what to avoid.

I've just joined the Hamburg Meetup group, but if anyone can recommend someone or another place to inquire, I'd be very grateful! Thanks

Hi Mario, I’m Djordje from Berlin. I’d be happy to help. A good starting point for you would probably be the course on graph data modelling on the Graph academy

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Hi Djordje,
Thanks for the reply! I'll check out the links.
When I'm ready, how should I best contact you? I looked up your profile on this forum, but there seems to be no direct messaging option. My email is mvellandi (at) hotmail dot com.

I’ll send you an email.