Hello, I'm Iestyn, working for a startup using NEO4J

Hello, I'm working for a startup company in Australia that is planning to use NEO4J to store data for a project being developed that will run on mobiles, and the web.

I'm completely new to NEO4J, and most of my prior experience has been with relational databases, so I'm looking forward to embarking on a journey of learning. The GraphAcademy and online community look great. With these resources, I'm hoping it won't be too long before I'm speaking Cypher :slight_smile:

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Hi @iestyn.parry !

Welcome to the Neo4j community. Lots to learn, though you'll be able to apply and adapt much of your familiarity with relational databases.

GraphAcademy is a great place to start. Let us know if you get stuck anywhere!


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